Olathe Boots Packer P2

Olathe Packers - Customize your toe/heel style - 90 days.
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Olathe Boot Company Packer Boots P2. Vamp Leather: Hillbilly Golden. Top Height / Leather: 13" Hillbilly Golden. Stitch Pattern / Colors: None. Toe (as pictured): Cutter. Heel (as pictured): 4D Long Base. Sole (as pictured): Nitrene w/ Neo Midsole. Welt Stitch: Natural. FOR ADULT BOOTS ONLY - Toe & Heel Customization - Retail buyers can choose their preferred Toe and Heel when ordering. We are currently able to deliver you handcrafted Olathe Boots in 90 days form the order being placed. View all Toe and Heel options. Boot specs are for boot shown. Handmade in TEXAS, USA!
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